Whether you are new to the performing arts, or you are one of our returing CAST Kids you'll find our instructors provide strong instruction and great programs.  Our staff wants you to feel good in class, learn a lot and always have fun with your friends.  We believe in structured classes with a happy environment.  Each staff member is trained an educated in their field of performing or visul arts.

Photos Left to Right: Christy Corley Sanders Owner & Artistic Director    Leiah Thompson Office Manager     Megan Williams Dance Instructor                  Malika Pitt Hip Hop instructor     Courtney Crocker Dance Instructor    Jamie McCarty Dowling Acrobatic & Drama Instructor

At CAST & Crowns Performing Arts Center, our intent is to provide a well-rounded environment that allows students of all ages to be educated in their chosen art form, increase self awareness, build self confidence and maintain a high level of physical fitness. While we encourage and even push our students, these programs are designed to let them progress at their own pace. It's the best way to ensure their abilities and talents are maximized. CAST & Crowns recognizes each child is different an unique. They will all be made to feel loved & special.